Visual Storytelling with Audio

Visual Storytelling with Audio

The Video Studio is located on the first floor of the J. Willard Marriott Library in the Faculty Center. The Video Studio is a performance and studio space that supports and extends the capabilities of the library’s Creativity and Innovation Services. The space is available for academic projects as well as experimental work. The Video Studio supports student, staff, and faculty development by providing workshops and consultation sessions. The studio can be reserved using the online scheduler.

The Video Studio has production equipment available for your in-studio projects.

Camera: Canon XF300
Lighting: Kino Flo 4-Panel & LitePanel 1X1 Bi-Color
Sound: Sennheiser Wireless & Rode NTG Shotgun
Green screen backdrops

The video studio provides consultations with planning & production of visual projects. We can walk you through project design from idea to iteration consulting on storyboarding development throughout your project.
An example of our services would be:

Working with faculty in the Musical Theatre Program we helped develop a long term project where video analysis is used to better understand the artistic growth of their students.

“As in any performance oriented activity, it is essential that a student can see where an instructor is encouraging attention and change. These video archives have provided that opportunity to our students. They have facilitated the teaching process as well as provided an archive of the student’s work. What started off as a lark for one class has become an essential tool for both the teaching and the record.
The students have truly benefited from watching their progress over the semesters and have spoken about the positive effect this observation has had on the way they are able to target and effect change in their performance outcomes. By the time they reach their advanced level, they are, also, actually thrilled to be able to begin to assemble a video portfolio of work they would be proud to submit for positive casting opportunities,” Denny Berry, Director of the Musical Theatre Program.

Working with the Assistant Dean of Diversity we provided support to record and produce a series of videos that documented a special program that was established to build a path toward graduate school for underrepresented students from around the country. We helped plan and conduct a series of timely interviews to capture the student experience while on campus to document the success of the program.

If you need help please contact us:
(801) 585-9780
Source: Creativity and Innovation Services Department Blog

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