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New Items in The Katherine W. Dumke Fine Arts & Architecture Library

A sample of the 24-volume compendium Gendai shōgyō bijutsu zenshū

By Luke Leither

The Katherine W. Dumke Fine Arts & Architecture Library is constantly growing and changing to support current research and instruction needs in the arts. We partner with book and media vendors around the world to deliver the unique content our visitors expect, and we love to share these treasures with anyone who is interested. The following are two examples of rare items we recently added, both of which are related to graphic design:

1- 現代商業美術全集 Gendai shōgyō bijutsu zenshūA sample of the 24-volume compendium Gendai shōgyō bijutsu zenshū

This 24-volume compendium is a study of international design, assembled by Hamada Masuji, and is an invaluable resource for those interested in industrial and graphic arts. The authors offer hundreds of examples along with essays and annotations related to poster design, advertising, package design, shop signs, billboards, flyers, broadsides, page layouts, and typography. The final volume includes an extensive essay which details Hamada’s theory of commercial design as a clear product of modern trends in industrial production and fine arts.

Find the complete catalog record here:

2- Konzepte

This is a complete run of a singular, artist-designed serial which averaged approximately 2A sample of the complete run of the singular, artist-designed serial Konzepte. published issues per year from 1970 to 1991. Most issues are devoted to the work of an individual and include drawings, graphics, and text by the artists themselves. Many well-known names are featured in the publication, including Thomas Lenk, Bernd Völkle, Johnny Friedlaender, Max Ernst, Rudolf Hoflehner, Walter Stöhrer, E. G. Willikens, Eduard Bargheer, Jan Voss, Brigitte Coudrain, Herbert Schneider, Richard Lindner, Paul Wunderlich, Miguel Condé, and Annapia Antonini.

Find the complete catalog record here:

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