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Library Awarded IMLS National Leadership Grant

It gives us great pleasure to announce the Marriott Library as one of the recipients of a 2018 National Leadership Grants for Libraries from the Institute for Library and Museum Services (IMLS).  The authors and co-PI’s of the project, Anne Morrow and Tallie Casucci, received the award in the category of National Digital Platform, which focuses on addressing digital challenges libraries face. Their project, Preserving and Disseminating Emerging Forms of Digital Scholarship in Academic and Research Libraries, will be a year-long collaborative partnership with Entertainment Arts and Engineering (EAE) to archive and preserve the scholarship of EAE’s students.

“We currently struggle with how to best archive, preserve, and disseminate the videogame thesis projects our students develop. It is my understanding that similar programs across the nation face the same issues. The findings and results of this research project will prove invaluable not only to us, but to our colleagues in game studies more broadly.”

– Jose Zagal, PhD

The EAE program is consistently ranked at the top of the Princeton Review of gaming programs. Under the guidance of a diverse and talented faculty body, EAE students have taken game design to the next level, publishing over 70 student games. Without a comprehensive archival plan, this scholarship could one day be lost. EAE’s scholarship serves as an excellent model for triaging the preservation and archival needs of emerging forms of complex digital scholarship, increasingly common on today’s university and college campuses.

Read the full proposal at

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