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Fine Arts Graduate Student Creates VR Exhibit with Library Tech

“Virtual reality is seen as a way to often escape the mundane nature of our reality. We interact in a game or environment that places us where we’d like to be in opposition to our reality. But how fruitful is this escape, if it does nothing to change what’s real?” This was part of the artist statement released by Dana Hansen, one of six graduate students of the Fine Arts program for the “Call and Response” art exhibition held at Studio Elevn on January 18th and 19th.

Hansen’s piece was titled “No EXIT” and made use of the HTC Vive to present a virtual reality environment to participants. The HTC Vive itself was one of several available to checkout from the Marriott Library amongst several other virtual and augmented reality sets.

“My installation is a metaphor for the exit or escape that many can’t seem to find from reality. I portray this through the activity that takes up most of the hours in our life — our jobs — and I use symbols we have become conditioned to in this setting. It speaks to my personal experiences of working the 9-5 desk jobs; in settling for the stability as opposed to what can bring fulfillment. This exaggerated portrayal speaks to the large majority of the working class, who feel stuck in their reality and see no way out.”

Dana Hansen is currently in their second semester in the MFA Graduate Program with an emphasis in Sculpture Intermedia. Hansen has more photos of their art pieces on their instagram.

Check out their VR exhibit video below:
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