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The goal of the library exhibition program is to provide a space for student work and campus research to be shared with the community and that our exhibition program provides an opportunity to present stories, voices, and work that otherwise may not be able to be shared.

Booking a Brouhaha

Level 4, December 19th, 2019 – February 28th, 2020

Book Arts Program students trigger quite a commotion as they showcase the final editions and ingenious bookwork created as part of spring and fall semesters’ courses. As the world of the printed page explodes in different directions, these students utilize the ensuing pandemonium to instigate stunning innovations in the art of the book.

Artifacts of Suburban America

Level 1, February 1, 2020 – April 10, 2020

This exhibit parallels the relationship between disposable goods common to suburban communities to the lifestyle of those communities by fabricating new objects through the repurposing of others, and by the use of household materials in unconventional ways. Exhibition is by sculpture major, Bea Hurd.

Nasa’s Day of Remembrance & The James C. Fletcher Collection

Level 1, December 8th, 2019 –

Each year, Nasa designates a Day of Remembrance to commemorate the crews of Apollo I (1967), Challenger (1986), and Columbia (2003).

The University of Utah has a unique connection to the U.S Space Program. James C. Fletcher, president of the University from 1964-1971, went on to become NASA administrator from 1971-1977, where he led the development of the space shuttle program. In 1986, after the loss of Challenger, President Ronald Reagan asked Fletcher to return as NASA administrator, where he helped recognize the agency for its return to flight in 1988. Fletcher retired as NASA administrator in 1989.

Fletcher, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, relied on his faith as the basis for three primary ideas about what the U.S Space Program should be.  First, he believed that space represented a frontier of discovery and an opportunity to colonize space. Second, Fletcher was committed to using space exploration as a search for other worlds and other forms of life. Third, he advocated for a stewardship role in which the space agency would dedicate its scientific expertise to the conservation and preservation of Earth’s resources.

This exhibit contains materials from the Marriott Library’s extensive James C. Fletcher collection (Ms 202), with additional material from the Robert F. Bennett Papers (Accn 1423) and the William John Todd NASA Patch Collection (Accn 2548), all of which are available to view in Special Collections.

Marriott Library’s other space-related resources include our government documents collection, books and articles, and, of course, our librarians and staff. If you are interested in learning more abou tthe space program contact the librarians who designed this exhibit: Alison Elbrader (Special Collections) or Nicole Pankiewicz (Graduate and Undergraduate Services)

“While I was telling your story…” Zines by LEAP Students

Level 2, February 15, 2020 –

The Marriott Library Zine Collection is located on the first floor of the Library in the 1100 classroom hallway outside of classroom 1110.

Students read and reflected on multiple zines from the collection as their inspiration for this project. This exhibit includes a selection of Zines crated by students in 2018.

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