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Summer 2018

Current Exhibitions

NASA Exhibition

Special Collections Reading Room, Level 4

Last August millions of Americans donned special glasses and turned to the skies to witness the solar eclipse. The event sparked a distinct intrigue for many. What goes on in space that we don’t usually think about or perhaps isn’t even known yet to scientists?

James Chipman Fletcher would have had some of the answers to those questions. Curiosity and passion were certainly the key ingredients for Fletcher, the two-time Head of NASA who also served as the President of the University of Utah. And, thanks to him and his family, the library’s Special Collections now holds papers and photographs following his career, as well as several detailed models of space crafts and satellites.

Paper is Fundamental
A Rare Books Exhibition

Special Collections Gallery, Level 4

July 13 through September 23

Most people see and touch paper every day. Most of us know little about where the paper we use comes from. The Rare Books department presents an exhibit about the history of paper. The exhibit was curated by Jon Bingham, Rare Books Curator, with help from Luise Poulton, Managing Curator, and the Rare Books Department staff. (Jon is also grateful to Emily Tipps and Crane Giamo for teaching him how to make paper in their Book Arts papermaking class.)


For more info, read the Open Book blog post here. 

Travelers: In Celebration of Peter and Donna Thomas,
Forty Years of Books To Go

Level 1  Lobby Gallery, From the Rare Books Department

May 24th – September 1st

Peter and Donna Thomas are book artists from Santa Cruz, CA. They work collaboratively and individually letterpress printing, hand-lettering and illustrating texts, making paper, and hand binding both fine press and artists’ books. Inspired by a quest for beauty and perfection, and by the potential of word, image, shape and texture to create an illuminating experience, their initial aim was to create limited edition fine press booksmade of the finest materials and produced to the highest standards of quality, in both full size and miniature format. This aesthetic continues to guide them as they work in new formats made possible by personal computer technology, exploring non-traditional book structures and shaped book objects as both limited editions and one-of-a-kind books. They travel the USA as the “Wandering Book Artists” giving talks, workshops and demonstrations to both academic and community-based audiences.

Currently on display at

Katherine’s Courtyard

“Whole Chair” by Madison Donnelley

“U Rock” by David Paul Thomas


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