Current Exhibitions

Booking a Brouhaha

Level 4  Gallery

April 27th – July 6th

Book Arts Program students trigger quite a commotion as they showcase the final editions and ingenious bookwork created as part of spring semester’s courses. As the world of the printed page explodes in different directions, these students utilize the ensuing pandemonium to instigate stunning innovations in the art of the book.

The exhibition is FREE and open to the public.

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Historical to Contemporary (Palladium Prints)

by Aubrey Evans

Level 5

May 18th – July 27th

This series looks at the architectural uniqueness of city buildings, specifically Salt lake City Utah. Capturing the irreplaceable history found within the carvings and hand work done to create a record in time. Contrasted against structures built today which are more contemporary in nature.

The blending of historical and contemporary gives each city a unique landscape as they work together to create a beautiful city. I chose to print these images using an alternative process, Palladium Printing. It is a hands-on process that I combined with digital by using digital negatives instead of film negatives. Through this combination I have attempted to create that same uniquely harmonic blending of old and new, of contemporary and historical.

Currently on display at

Katherine’s Courtyard

“Whole Chair” by Madison Donnelley

“U Rock” by David Paul Thomas


Conscious Fashion

Level 1 & 2 Hallway Galleries

April 27th – June 15th

Over the course of spring semester 2018, students in Sustainable Design Practice learned about clothing manufacturing, recycling, and disposal. They researched data compiled by Fashion and graphically interpreted the Fashion Transparency Index. This index is a review of 100 of the biggest global fashion brands, ranking how much they disclose about their social and environmental policies, practices, and impact.

They also researched the life journey of their own clothes and learned about the dangers of “fast fashion”. Student teams were then tasked with designing a library case that told a story about their research. As a team, they decided what aspect of this fashion story they would like to tell, while also conceptualizing how they might communicate their message through various visual means.

Instructor: Carol Sogard / Course: Sustainable Design Practice / Graphic Design Program, Dept. of Art & Art History



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