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The goal of the library exhibition program is to provide a space for student work and campus research to be shared with the community and that our exhibition program provides an opportunity to present stories, voices, and work that otherwise may not be able to be shared.

Path to the Pacific: Building the Transcontinental Railroad

Level 3

The University of Utah’s J. Willard Marriott Library now through August 15 presents the exhibition “Path to the Pacific: Building the Transcontinental Railroad.” The public is welcome to enjoy a display of rare books, archival materials, and two gallery walls showcasing photographs and artistic works depicting key locations and events in the building of the Transcontinental Railroad.

Chinese Railroad Workers

Level 5

This exhibit tells the story of Chinese Railroad Workers and their contribution to the construction and completion of the transcontinental railroad 150 years ago. The exhibition presents a surprising visual history of the Central Pacific Railroad line, the first transcontinental railroad network between California and Utah. Each panel furthers the understanding and appreciation of the sacrifices, struggles, hardships and contributions made by generations of Chinese and Chinese Americans in the United States.

Let’s Talk About Sex

Level 1

For the duration of the 2018-2019 school year, the Block U students have been studying “What is normal?” with regard to human minds and bodies and their medical treatment. A particular focus of this class is how social stigma shapes the way that we understand and experience human health and even the treatments that society makes available through medicine. The students arrived at “Let’s Talk About Sex” after thinking a lot about how STIs are stigmatized much more than other types of infections. They wanted to explore how the stigmatization of sex itself negatively impacts the physical and mental health of individuals, as well as entire populations of people. Considerable evidence suggests both that undergraduate students are surprisingly ignorant of much of this important information and also that ignorance leads to higher rates of STIs, unplanned pregnancy, and sexual assault.

Insurgent Knowledge: 50 Years of Ethnic Studies

Levels 1 + 2

The theme of the exhibition, “Insurgent Knowledge,” reflects the driving spirit highlighted in the evolution of Ethnic Studies here at the University of Utah. The student driven protests arose out of insurgent demands for knowledge and institutional power that would be reflective of the burning questions they faced. This exhibition honors the insurgent resolve of those students and faculty who collectively created a field of research and practice, not just in revolt against a traditional establishment but also in the commitment towards a dynamic tradition of critical transformation even within our own orthodoxies and assumptions.

Dr. Edmund Fong, Chair, Division of Ethnic Studies
Dr. Annie I. Fukushima, Division of Ethnic Studies
Dr. Armando Solórzano, Division of Ethnic Studies

Utah Independent Film through the lens of Special Collections

Level 4

March 22nd – June 9th

This exhibition is a  broad overview of the materials in Special Collections that document Utah’s independent film history, from early cinema to today.  The exhibit features video and still frames from movies archived in the Special Collections department, historic film and video formats, unpublished screenplays, storyboards, and other production records, and publications relating to the local film community.

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