Current Exhibitions

Are you Normal?

Block U: Medical Humanities, A Capstone Initiatives Project

April 14th, 2017 — June 26th, 2017
Level 2, 
Dumke Fine Arts Library & Digital Matters Lab

We invite you to explore the great range of human diversity with us. The biological bases for who we are–as humans and as individuals–are not fixed and not uniform. No two of us are the same. As a result, categories constructed to divide us from each other, based on concepts like race or gender, need to be examined and questioned.

Even those variations that fall farther from the average–those we typically deem “disabilities,” like deafness and Down syndrome–bring tangible and intangible benefits to those who carry them and the communities in which they live.

Give the challenge of defining “normal,” new genetic tools that promise to correct “abnormalities” and improve human life demand scrutiny. What are their promises and pitfalls? They may empower parents desperate to change the biological inheritance of their offspring. But they may also further privilege those with many advantages.

These technologies also suggest radical possibilities: Could we amplify the already vast diversity of human forms? Why not consider the strengths of other species–and reimagine our own?

Join us, and ask yourself…Are you normal?

Enquiring Minds: Fourteen Centuries of Questions and Answers

March 17, 2017 — April 30, 2017
Level 4

Humans have been compiling information to answer an infinity of questions for thousands of years. From Ptolemy to Izaak Walton, the best minds have annotated, edited, translated, measured, arranged, and defined what it means to live a life of wonder.

From facsimiles of medieval encyclopedias, almanacs and atlases to first editions of fifteenth through twentieth century dictionaries, manuals, lexicons, compendiums, and directories, Rare Books celebrates questions and the attempts to answer them.

Keep on asking! 

The Search for Lincoln; Avard Fairbanks & the work of a lifetime

February 2nd – May 5th

Level 1

The class of 1965-66 gifted the Marriott Library with one of Avard Fairbank’s famous sculptures of Abraham Lincoln. Titled “Young Lincoln,” it stands in the gallery on the first floor. Last year, his son, Eugene Fairbanks donated his father’s manuscripts and photo collections to the library. The collection includes photos, scrapbooks, memorabilia, and research that are enough to cover the entire 1st floor gallery with the story of the Lincoln statue.